Benvolio's Puzzle Level

This is a single large level for Keen1, with puzzling areas and problem-solving challenges. It features new tiles, points etc. There are 16 keys of different colours, and Keen must solve horrific key combinations to complete the level. The puzzles also involve bridges and teleporters. There is no story, no finale and no sprites. It comes in a zip complete with all game files, and is, in effect, a one-level mod. The puzzle level was released in autumn of 2005.

Title screen of Benvolio's Puzzle Level.

The title screen of Benvolio's Puzzle Level.

Keen stands on a bridge over noxious goo.

Keen takes a rest as he wonders how to get a cyan key.

A long sequence of doors.

Keen is baffled by some doors which obstruct his path.

Download Puzzle Level as a zip file of 133kb.

Benvolio's Fun-Pack 2011

This is a zip file containing three abandoned projects, all of which were quite early along in there production process. The most advanced of the projects, and the one that in Benvolio's opinion had most potential, is the Psychedelic Mod. This is the only one of the three with a finale. The bulk of the work on these mods was done in 2005 and 2006, with a severe lull in modding productivity for several years before Benvolio finally abandoned the projects and released them in 2011.

For the sake of trivia, Benvolio also started a mod set on a base on the planet Mercury, but abandoned this sometime in 2004 or 2005 and appears to have deleted the files around that time. A few other projects in which Benvolio attempted to collaboratively mod whilst teaching some modding basics to people IRL, similarly never got off the ground.

Title screen of Highway Blues.

The title screen of "Highway Blues"

Keen drives a blue car down a motorway.

A driving scene in "Highway Blues".

Title screen of The Psychedelic Mod

The title screen of "The Psychedelic Mod".

Keen encounters weird creatures in a purple haze.

Keen encounters weird creatures in a Purple Haze.

Keen amongst plants and fruit

Keen explores psychedelic vegetation.

Earl Pedro by the pool with sunbathers.

The third of the mods was Earl Pedro, set in a seaside resort in Spain.

Download Benvolio's Fun Pack as a zip file of 735kb.



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