Bunny Basher's home warren is in great danger. Farmers and their pets prowl around the countryside, setting down snares to trap rabbits, and leaving dogs skulking around all the burrows. Most of the rabbits are incapable of fighting back, so Bunny Basher is the only hope of the warren. So he sets out to find four poisons with which to poison the farmer, his wife, his dog and his cat. Bunny must search in warrens, houses, farmyards, vinyards, factories and storage chambers to find the poisons.

NOTE: this mod contains unspeakably rude references to defecation, and therefore might be considered a dreadfully bad influence to children under the age of seven.


Title screen of Bunny Basher.

The title screen gives you a glimpse of the action in the game.

Bunny allows a block to fall on some rabbits

Enter an icy refrigeration building and flatten some rabbits

Don't mess with the hens

Hens in the farmyard will push you around. Bunny gets wet from a watering can.

Bunny escapes from a vicious dog.

Bunny searches in a warren to find some poison.

Bunny tackles a dog and a cat

Oh no! Bunny has got himself into a perilous confrontation with animals.

Download Bunny Basher as a zip file of 155kb.



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